Recoating Echo-India (Last stage)

The last significant part of the re-coating of the Duo EI was the fuselage, the works started on January 28th.

A series of small parts have also been renewed, undercarriage doors, front and rear wheels fairings, wingtip wheels fairings, stripe around the cockpit Plexiglass…

On March 1st, the works were completed and the fuselage put back in the trailer, awaiting the beginning of the annual check.

As expected, we spent approximately 650 work hours on the sailplane.

Once again, I would like to warmly thank Philippe and Birgit whose contribution to the success of the re-coating has been most valuable.

They took a very efficient part in the process, with an unlimited energy.

Thanks to all those who, having no time to participate, came from time to time to the workshop to encourage us and made positive comments on our work.

Long live Echo India! The re-coating, even if no major problems were encountered, has been a long and tiresome task for those who handled the sanding blocks and polishers, so from now on, take good care of your sailplane, because the new gel-coat is due to endure for the next twenty years at least! …

Johnny Pouzol, le 2 mars 2018


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