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Initial training

Soaring could be defined as the pleasure to fly without any engine, and to cover hundreds of miles only using up-going draughts.

The instructors of the A.A.V.A. will enable you to discover this pleasure, in a part of our country which is particularly blessed in matters of aerology. ( we are looked upon as the best “spot” in France )

If you are not yet acquainted with soaring activities, we strongly advise you to perform a “trial flight” just to discover what soaring means.

Then, if you feel tempted, you will fly with a state-qualified instructor in a two-seat glider and begin your training. This schooling will lead you to your first flight solo… which will remain an unforgettable moment in your life.


To start learning, you must:

  • be over 14
  • have obtained a medical certificate granted by a qualified doctor
  • have a flight logbook which will be initiated by your instructor.


To obtain tour glider pilot license, you must:

  • be over 16
  • have logged at least 8 flying hours with an instructor
  • have logged at least 2 flying hours solo, including a one-hour flight
  • have performed at least 20 landings in a glider, among which 10 solo.
  • have successfully performed theoretic and in-flight examinations.


Such are the minima legal conditions to become a licensed glider pilot. They may be different according to each person’s attendance and personal ability. As a matter of fact, the average figures show that approx. 20 flying hours and 40 landings are necessary to obtain a glider pilot license.

In matters of costs, our Club has made a choice: promote schooling through attractive schooling all-in packages.


After obtaining your license:

You will increase your soaring knowledge, and start the second phase of your training cross-country flight ( French pilots say: “above the countryside” )

Then will come further training to gain silver, gold and diamond badges, attesting of your standards of practice and knowledge of our sport.

You will gain your passenger qualification, thus enabling to share your hobby with your friends.

Competition and aerobatics are the last stages of training for the enthusiasts.

All courses and instructors are approved and qualified by the French Soaring Federation or by the Civil Aviation Board.

Initial training Training and X-country Flight allowance Further training
First solo flight Taking passengers on board Pilot’s self-sufficiency
(20 hours on average) (80 hours on average) (from 100 hours on)


Training of handicapped people:

The AAVA offers the opportunity to start a training course to anybody suffering from mobility problems. We have in our fleet two two-seat gliders fitted with a specific device: the « malonnier » ( fly-by-hand ).


How much will I have to pay to start my training?

The best answer to this question will be obtained from our staff who will find out with you which rates and charges to choose, according to your wishes.

Tracking glider

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