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A large organization like ours could not be run properly without the help of numerous volunteers. We shall try to introduce some of them to you, hoping not to forget anybody.


The Board of Directors:

noel faucheux president
michele cartry vice presidente
Michèle CARTRY
vincent braibant vic president
jacques balayn secretaire general
Jacques BALAYN
Secrétaire général
jean-claude megret
Jean-Claude MEGRET
frederic knecht
Frédéric KNECHT
Membre du CA
gilles navas
Gilles NAVAS
Membre du CA
jacques-marie pradie
Jacques-Marie PRADIE
Membre du CA
philippe rapp
Philippe RAPP
Membre du CA
Olivier Hurstel
Membre du CA
patrci, lasserre
Membre du CA
jean-jacques verrier
Jean-François VERRIER
Membre du CA





Together with:


Gérard HerbaudGérard Herbaud : Everybody knows Gérard who is one of the club’s mainstays and an outstanding character in the Southern Alps. In addition to his instructor’s tasks, Gérard is concerned with the Flarm and OGN operations, with a constant care to achieve better safety conditions. He his also involved in promoting in promoting the use of the flight simulator in the training of new pilots.
And above all, Gérard has performed anthology flights such as Vinon-Fes (Marocco) in 1992, Vinon-Gien and return, and Vinon-Etampes and back in 2017.

Enfin, Gérard est notre correspondant GESASSO et, à ce titre, assiste les membres du club dans la prise en main de ce nouvel outil fédéral.


Philippe MaigePhilippe Maige : Born in 1956, Philippe has been a glider pilot since 1981, and has spent a lot of time on the airfield ever since.
He is a retired electronics engineer and, under Johnny’s guidance, takes an active part in the re-coating of the club machines, in the winter season.


Vincent BraibantVincent Braibant : Active member of AAVA for many years - his first trip to Vinon dates from 1981 with the Sander family-in-law -, member of the Board of Directors, Vice President, Vincent has a dual culture of aeronautical engineer and manager, which allows him to provide valuable advice for the management of the club. Very often on business trips around the world, the Alpes de Haute-Provence, the AAVA, the gliders and the workshop are the means for him to maintain a balance.


Claude BourasseauClaude Bourasseau : Roving sailplane pilot, she shares her leisure time between several gliding spots such as Bailleau or La Roche sur Yon, where she is always warmly welcomed, but must of all, she is trus to Vinon.
Claude is a former aeronautics engineer. EPF graduate, she led together her professional career in the industry and her steady practice of soaring.
She is the club’s auditor, and is also in charge of supervising the maintenance of the camp site, where she indulges in having the rules of associative life enforced.


alain pouletAlain Poulet : This famous and insatiable pilot and flight instructor ( soaring-, powered aircraft- and mountain-instructor ) is available almost around the clock to take care of us, modest pilots! Don’t fear to ask him any advice you need. He is most probably the most experienced pilot flying in the Alps.


daniele grosjeanDaniel Grosjean : Always ready to lend a helping hand! He can be found in the workshop all through the winter season, acting with the maintenance team. He deals with the “Flarms” and is in charge of the “Netcup”. We can always call him to show a newcomer around or give him his “air baptism”, if he is not already flying solo or with a friend.


ValérieValérie Yeghiayan : Likes flowers! To her, we owe the lovely plantings in the front of the club house and office. But since she cannot be here every day, it would be nice from you to think to give them some water from time to time.
Valérie works also at the Office, when the staff is on holiday.


jean moreauJean Moreau : A "new "instructor in Vinon. He has formerly flown from Orléans and the Montagne Noire. This enthusiastic pilot acts sometimes as Chief Flying Instructor, but he can also fly the club tow planes, when the runway is overcrowded.


François LucasFrançois Lucas : After being an instructor in the  National Soaring Center of  Saint-Auban, he carried on his carrier as an airline pilot with Air France. Now, he is back to basic training, acting as a volunteer in Vinon. Always pleased to fly and teach, his passion for our sport remains intact.


JohonnyJohnny Pouzol : After being a member of the permanent staff for several years, he spends now most of his time in the workshop, re-coating the gliders in the winter season. Now retired, he would like to set up a team of pilots who would soon take over the job. Mind the call!


Francis Wehrung Francis Wehrung : He is our electronics wizard. He has been in charge of the maintenance of the radios, batteries and other sophisticated systems for years. If you want to please him, well! Just take care of the club material.


Michel CharpentierMichel Charpentier : A reference in matters of weather forecast, he has no match to decipher a sounding and announce a bright flying day. He is also instructor, tow pilot and Chairman of the Association of Users of the Airfield, and always ready to help when you call him.


Roland Morozeau Roland Morozeau : Always available and smiling, he can always lend a helping hand. He acts as instructor and tow pilot, organizes displays of gliders for promotion in the region but above all, he has the most incredible collection of T-shirts you will ever see!


jose maryJosé Mari : When the club (or maybe yourself) need a specific part, e.g a wingtip wheel or a campsite portico, ask José: he will be pleased to help. He is always ready to find a solution to his friends’ little problems!


Klaus Klaus  Brückner : You will find him in the workshop. Although he doesn’t speak much, don’t fear to ask him any advice, as he is a specialist of home-built aircraft.


Maximilien SeisMaximilien Seis : Born in 1993, Max started soaring in Bordeaux, in 2009.
He became a member of the French Junior National Team in 2013, took part in the Varese Championship in Italy, in 2015 and came back with the title of World Champion.
He is now working with DHL, in Leipzig, Germany, and shares his leisure time between Vinon and Saint-Auban where he gains a useful experience of wave flying.
Maximilien is in charge of the e-communication of the Club. He is the one who gives life to the club’s Facebook account.


Denis LoupiasDenis Loupias : Waxing and polishing glider wings during the winter season was his main business and we all wish him to recover soon to see him back at Vinon, first to fly and, why not, to spend a little time in the workshop….


yann forestierYann Forestier : Together with Jacques-Marie Pradié and Michou Cartry, he is in charge of the maintenance of the parachutes. He is a very busy man : his work, acting as a crew member for his wife Anne, who happens to be a worldchampion, their two kids, their Ash25 and the parachutes…






 Frédéric BrechtFrédéric Knecht : A glider pilot since the age of 16, now towplane pilot, Frédéric has been trained as an aeronautical engineer.
After graduating from the ESTACA, his professional career took place in the world of aeronautics, especially in the maintenance of business jets and later of commercial aircraft.
He has been working for 15 years as a consultant with the Bureau Veritas, then with the EASA, department of “Regulations/Airworthiness”.
Frédéric is responsible for a few amendments of the Part M and Part 66, in particular its adaptation to General Aviation.
In close relationship with the workshop team, Frédéric is involved in keeping the Club fleet in airworthy condition.


Birgit WeisBirgit Weis: Glider pilot member of Innsbruck Gliding Club, at the heart of Austrian Alpes, Birgit works this year 2018 as a German language assistant while perfecting her French.

Birgit dedicates all her leisure to the AAVA workshop where, under Johnny's supervision, she participates in the recoating work actively and also others maintenance works.





 Denis LoupiasJean-Marc Savoie : Originaire de Lyon,  Jean-Marc est, depuis de nombreuses années, membre permanent de l'AAVA et participe activement à la vie du club.
Il met régulièrement les fichiers de données (points de virages, espaces aériens...) et les documentations (manuels de vol et manuels d'entretien des aéronefs, modes d'emploi des équipements...) à disposition des membres du Club via le site Internet.



Isabelle Braibant : Infatigable et toujours prète à rendre service avec le sourire, elle assure au pied levé les remplacements au secrétariat et veille au bien-être de la communauté en organisant les repas de fête, en plantant des fleurs et en nous confectionnant de délicieux gâteaux.

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